Good at pain

Vor der nächsten harten Einheit oder dem nächsten Wettkampf darf man sich ruhig mal fragen, ob man sich wirklich ein bisschen angestrengen will. Das wäre dann etwa so:

I can tell I’m at the limit when I can taste a little bit of blood in my mouth, and that’s how I stayed, right on the edge. This moment is why I fell in love with bike racing, and why I still love it—the mysterious surprises that can happen when you give everything you’ve got. You push yourself to the absolute limit—when your muscles are screaming, when your heart is going to explode, when you can feel the lactid acid seeping into your face and hands—and then you nudge yourself a little bit further, and then a little further still, and then, things happen. Sometimes you blow up; other times you hit that limit and can’t get past it. But sometimes you get past it, and you get into a place where the pain increases so much that you disappear completely.

Hamiliton, Tyler. The Secret Race. Bantam Books, 2012, p. 22.

Oder wie Tyler das kürzer formuliert: I’m good at pain.